SILNOVA® is the result of a systematic documentation process, never used before within this sector, that scientifically combines laboratory tests with real-life tests.

The first test involved 6 people in 3 different countries for 9 months of duration, and periodic control was done on each of the bracelets. The same kind of test was then repeated on a larger amount of users for 9 months as well, using only a single object alloy for each of the users.


Real life test was performed by assembling 6 bracelets composed of beads made with 6 different silver alloys and with 2 gold alloys (yellow and white color) at title 375‰. All the beads were made by lost wax casting and submitted to a standard polishing process.

No passivation or galvanic deposition were applied on any of the items.  All the beads were submitted to a thermal treatment from the as cast state in order to increase the hardness and to improve the scratch resistance as much as possible.

The purpose of the test was to evaluate the corrosion resistance of the bracelet during the normal use in the real life.

We involved the Legor Group branches and dealers in Bangkok, Mumbai and New York.

We chose testers with different work activities, who used to live in totally different conditions in terms of humidity and temperature. We have monitored our silver alloy reactions also during their leisure time sport activities. The aim was to gather photographic documentation which was comparable and closer to reality as much as possible, over a period of at least one year.

An impressive R&D project, lasted more than 3 years, that has seen 186 plausible formulations subjected to thousands of laboratory tests, and to the tests of the real life.