The new white precious metal comparable to white gold

Silnova® is a 925 ready-to-use silver alloy like no other. Similar to 9 kt white gold alloy, more tarnish resistant than standard Sterling silver without any plating treatment and with a unique white and shiny color.
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SILNOVA® is natural and authentic, from the heart to the surface. The luxury items created with this new precious metal don’t need galvanic coatings, ie rhodium plating, commonly used to protect the items against tarnishing.


The objects created with SILNOVA® are as strong and tarnish resistant as a 9 kt white gold alloy, which means 20 times more tarnish resistant than untreated traditional silver*, keeping their beauty and shininess over time.

Thanks to its copper-free microstructure, SILNOVA® does not suffer from firestain, unlike Sterling Silver. It is perfect in case of long working procedures, not needing to repolish the pieces before it is completed. And even in case it undergoes a color variation, this is light, uniform and stable in time.

*Plating treatments based on precious metals or cataphoretic painting


SILNOVA® is the only silver in the market more similar to white gold than any other metal. In fact, it contains palladium, a noble ingredient. Palladium is more precious and expensive than gold. It’s part of the platinoid family, which proves its preciousness and high whitening power.


White and extremely bright, clearly different from any other metal in the market. Its unique color has become an added value to the final customer.

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It guarantees freedom in manufacturing processes; in fact the adequate hardness obtained by heat-hardening treatment makes it resistant to wear.

Oxidation on the alloy is very low on surfaces after being laser worked, either on marking or cutting.

Adavantages appear from the mechanical point of view too. SILNOVA® has excellent mechanical properties, with high yield and tensile strength.


SILNOVA® is made from 100% recycled precious material.

SILNOVA® has a lower impact on the environment. It avoids the need for plating and frees silversmiths as well as the entire planet from the use of potassium cyanide (utilised for silver plating), otherwise necessary for making the product last.


After many rigorous tests, SILNOVA® has proven to be both antibacterical and hypoallergenic.

Silnova does not contain metals such as copper and nickel. Moreover, it complies to REACH regulation.

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